Study Abroad/ Work

Study Abroad and Students’ Advisory Services 

HEAF has been into Student Recruitment Services for universities since 2016. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Assisting prospective students in the Application Process,
  • Career Counseling,
  • Visa Application Counseling,
  • Completion of Scholarship Application,
  • Pre-Departure Orientation, information about securing Accommodation, Airport pick up etc.

We believe that HEAF’s services will prove to be highly practical and time-efficient for our students during the critical period of choosing the right university abroad and starting school. Working closely with students and their families, we help lay the building blocks for a bright and impactful future.

At HEAF, we offer career advisory services to students, parents and stakeholders. We also advise prospective students from High School Leavers to the University level including Bachelors and Post graduate.

We work in conjunction with universities overseas to recruit students who want to study abroad. Individuals who approach us for placement are given the right mix of options to enable them make the right choices along the lines of their career pathways.

We facilitate the study abroad process through:

•          Interactive Student Consultation

Through our highly personalized consultations, we facilitate placement of students at their ideal institution based on their academic credentials, desired area of study, and financial capability. We assist in generating applications and submitting them to partner institutions to receive offer letters.

•          Visa Application Handling

We offer comprehensive visa application guidelines once offer-letters are issued. We advise and assist students throughout various stages of the visa application, including (but not limited to) arranging documents required for visa application, and conducting mock visa interviews with students.

•          Post-Approval Counseling

Subsequent to students successfully obtaining a student visa, we provide briefings on procedures and actions to be taken upon arriving at their destination. Students are advised on the travel, accommodation, and pre-departure arrangements, as well as arrangements for family who wish to visit or stay with their spouses.

•          Promoting Education Opportunities through Recruitment Fairs

We coordinate fairs for foreign institutions and facilitate direct student interviews, thus; bringing a world of opportunities to your doorstep.