• Executive & Secretarial Assistance

      This Honours Diploma Programme is a sensible and beneficial one for anybody looking...

    • Hospitality Management

      This programme provides a wide range of opportunities in the hospitality, hotels and...

    • Commercial Practice & Law

      This Program is suitable for people seeking general and managerial posts in business,...

    • Journalism & Media Studies

      This Program is intended for persons with a strong passion and desire for...

    • Risk Management & Administration

      This flexible 2-year Programme provides interesting, valuable and career-oriented study on a range...

    • Procurement And Supply Chain Operations

      Procurement And Supply Chain Operations is a  CIPS Programme suitable to persons in...

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We believe that HEAF’s services will prove to be highly practical and time-efficient for our students during the critical period of choosing the right university abroad and starting school. Working closely with students and their families, we help lay the building blocks for a bright and impactful future.


Heaf's International Conference session provides a great deal of resources to the students seeking to shape thier career and enhance thier employability in Business and Industry...Join our upcoming session TODAY