This is essential study and training for men and women aiming to become respected, valued high-level managers, executives and/or financial controllers, and/or who need to gain an in-depth knowledge of this important area of finance and business.

This graduate-level Program is confirmation of your ability to successfully undertake further studies at graduate and postgraduate levels, in finance and in wider business and management studies.

This Program first deals with decisions regarding how to finance the operations of an organisation, the stock exchange, gearing and dividends, with a balance of theory and looking at what happens in reality; the focus on finance covers how decisions are made on the most appropriate sources to finance particular investments and financing decisions.  The Program then focuses on integrated financial decision areas which deal with matters combining aspects of investment, finance and management.


  • Finance decisions and the sources of long-term finance
  • The cost of capital and discount rates
  • The secondary capital market and it efficiency
  • The role and mechanisms of the Stock Exchange
  • The costs of capital and finance, estimating costs, and the discount rate
  • The theory of weighted average cost of capital and the CAPM model
  • Financial gearing and the cost of capital
  • The concept and management of shareholders’ wealth
  • Dividends in theory and practice, dividend decisions
  • Management of working capital, short-term finance and liquidity
  • Corporate and business restructuring
  • Mergers, takeovers and divestments
  • Present value tables and annuity tables
  • International business finance, exchange rates
  • Foreign investments and portfolio theory
  • Finance for smaller businesses, issues, taxes, objectives and decisions