This Programme focuses on the role, actions and activities of the Human Resource function, the HR manager and HR personnel.  It explains the responsibilities of HR and how to undertake HR duties and tasks effectively.  The Programme covers a wide range of related, specialised and interesting subjects including advanced motivation, management and leadership.  It also offers the opportunity to cover specific subjects highly relevant to HR and Personnel management, as well as wider and general management and administration.

This Honours Diploma Programme provides a wide range of opportunities in the increasingly important and respected field of human resource management and personnel administration, including health and safety and risk assessment, and training and development.  Furthermore, by providing a wide range of managerial, organisation, motivational and leadership training, all aspects of management – and any involving people at work – are opened up; and the skills are provided for advancement to senior and higher managerial positions, specialty roles, and promotion opportunities.


The Programme comprises of four key ‘courses’; there are three (3) compulsory/mandatory courses of study and one (1) option/elective course, as follows:-

Compulsory/Mandatory Subjects:

  • Human Resource/Personnel Management
  • Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

PLUS one** of:

  • OR  Organisational Behaviour
  • OR  Training & Development

**both Subjects may be studied if preferred – please ask the College for details.