The aim of this Programme is to produce competent, knowledgeable, efficient and respected executives, administrators and managers with excellent leadership, strategic, business management and organisational skills.  On this Programme you will study a wide range of important, interesting, technical, practical, and specialist subjects, and will be able to learn rapidly and enjoyably from the professionally-produced study and training materials prepared by leading experts.  You also have the opportunity to prepare a business Project to blend the practical and theoretical knowledge gained, and to increase your analytical ability.  The Programme will greatly improve your skills and competencies and take your knowledge and confidence to higher levels.  This Programme is your path to a successful executive level career, and your opportunity to specialise in Leadership, Strategy, Management and Administration.

SUMMARY OF MAJOR TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE:                                                                                CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR ONE’:

  • Business Theory & Commercial Practice
  •  Commercial Practice and Law
  •  Management & Administration in Business
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR TWO’:

  • Leadership & Team Management
  • Organisational Behaviour & Leadership
  •   Marketing Strategy
  • Project Management & Leadership

CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR THREE’:

  • Computers & IT in Business & Management
  • Strategic Management
  •   Organisation Environment: Culture, Leadership, Motivation, Global Business, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Regulation
  • Project