The Program is important to senior managers, directors, owners and executives – and to men and women aspiring to reach such senior positions – because it provides great knowledge and understanding of the economic environment in which all business operate, and how to plan and run businesses effectively and strategically.  These skills are needed for every type of organisation, and by future and current managers and business people, to improve and develop career opportunities, business knowledge and business success.


  • The Domestic Economic Environment
  • Economic Policy, Economic Growth
  • The International Economic Environment and International Trade
  • Understanding the Balance of Payments and Exchange Rates
  • Macroeconomic Issues, Theory and Policy
  • Supply-side Economics
  • The Structure of the Economy
  • Economic Change and De-industrialization
  • Demand in Theory and Practice
  • Costs in Theory & Practice
  • Economies and Diseconomies of Scale
  • Pricing in Theory & Practice
  • Pricing and the Influence of Market Structure
  • The Government, Economics and Business