This Program teaches and explains how to understand, interpret and apply the essential, aspects of business law.  It is not primarily intended as a route to becoming a lawyer, but is intended to teach anybody involved in business at a senior level (now or in the future) to understand the role of law and how it affects all aspects of business. A strong understanding of business laws and principles is essential in order to make good decisions at senior levels, and to advance to high levels in organisations, whether commercial, public, private or non-profit making.


  • The legal system and sources of law
  • Courts and Acts
  • Making a contract – the requirements
  • The terms of the contract
  • Misrepresentation, mistake, duress and illegality
  • Discharge of contracts and remedies for breach
  • Agency and agents
  • Sale of Goods Acts
  • The tort of negligence
  • Nuisance, trespass, defamation and vicarious liability
  • Companies Law: characteristics and formation
  • Companies Law: management, control and winding up
  • Companies Law: partnership, limited liability partnership and choice of legal status
  • Employment Law: contracts of employment, employment rights and dismissal
  • Employment law regarding discrimination and health and safety
  • Regulation of business by the criminal law
  • Credit transactions and intellectual property rights
  • The resolution of business disputes