The Program focuses on the theory and practice of business finance.  It covers the major theories of financial decision making and assesses their practical usefulness, and relates financial and decision-making theory to what happens in actual practice – real-life application.  Where theory and actual financial practice do not match, the reasons why are explained.  The Program covers the business finance environment and provides a very useful framework for financial decision making.  The Program deals in depth with investment decisions: methods and techniques for assessing different investment opportunities, practical aspects of value to financial and other managers/personnel/directors, risk and other relevant issues.

The Program provides essential practical and theoretical knowledge, advice and understanding of relevance to accounts and finance personnel, in particular to managers, directors, owners and officers dealing – or aspiring to senior positions which deal with – finance and investment decisions.  These skills are needed for every type of organisation, whether commercial, private, public, and so the career opportunities are wide and varied for anyone who completes this Program.


  • The Business Finance Environment
  • Business Finance and the Organisation of Business
  • Financial Decision Making – a Framework
  • Financial Accounting Statements & Interpretation
  • Investment Decisions
  • Practical Aspects of Investment Appraisal
  • Investment Appraisal Methods
  • Investment Risk
  • Portfolio Theory and Pricing Models
  • Taxation
  • Inflation
  • Capital Rationing
  • Cash Flows
  • Present Value Tables and Annuity Tables