Sales and marketing are vital to every organisation – the importance of sales and marketing, and understanding, satisfying and managing the needs and expectations of clients – cannot be underestimated. This popular and successful Programme provides study and training to become knowledgeable and to develop a successful career in this vital and important field of sales marketing, marketing research and public relations; it covers many different aspects and managerial considerations and activities, including advertising, and offers the opportunity to study global marketing, business and mass communications as well.

This Honours Diploma Programme teaches a wide range of important marketing-based subjects and so it is the path to career success and good positions in a very wide range of business, management and administration posts in sales and marketing, advertising, PR and international marketing.  Also, covering advanced management and administration subjects including motivation, leadership and strategy, and more – the knowledge and ability to become a successful manager, administrator, executive and leader in business has been provided



  • Sales Management & Marketing
  • Advertising & Public Relations
  • Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

PLUS one (1)** of:

  • Retail Product Management
  • International Business & Trade