The Executive Business Administration Programme is primarily designed for men and women already in employment; such men and women, like you, are ambitious to expand and increase knowledge, ability and understanding, and to succeed at high levels within their organisation, and to take their own businesses (if they or you are business owners or entrepreneurs) or the sections or departments in which they work, to greater success and development.  The men and women who complete this Programme are destined for high-level, respected, well-paid posts of employment, with significant responsibility, which can be carried out professionally and efficiently, with technical, managerial and analytical ability.

SUMMARY OF MAJOR TOPICS COVERED INCLUDE:                                                                                  CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR ONE’:

  • Business Theory & Commercial Practice
  • Commercial Practice and Law
  • Management & Administration in Business
  •   Advanced Management & Administration Theory & Practice

CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR TWO’:

  • Communication in Business & Management
  • Business English & Communication
  •  Advertising & Public Relations
  •  Mass Media & Communication

CORE Subjects you will study in ‘STUDY YEAR THREE’:

  • Computers & IT in Business & Management
  • Professional Communication Skills
  •   Organisation Environment: Culture, Leadership, Motivation, Global Business, Corporate Governance, Ethics, Regulation
  •   Project