STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                               

This Program is ideal for anyone wishing to learn how to manage projects and who needs to use and implement project management skills, methods and tools. It is perfect for those aiming to become project managers, those looking for project management careers, those who are already involved in managing projects of any type and those who wish to start up their own project management businesses.

The Program is also of great assistance to all employees, managers and personnel of every kind because project management skills can also ‘translate’ into all types of everyday and specialist work in all types of organizations. The Program gives a comprehensive introduction to project leadership and management with many practical examples.


  • Module 1 Summary: Principles & Practice of Project Management
  • Module 2 Summary: Project Personnel and Teams
  • Module 3 Summary: Project Planning and Organisation
  • Module 4 Summary: Project Cost Estimating and Budgeting
  • Module 5 Summary: The Project Schedule and Project Tools
  • Module 6 Summary: Project Procurement & Purchasing
  • Module 7 Summary: Project Communication Management
  • Module 8 Summary: Project Implementation and Execution
  • Module 9 Summary: Project Monitoring and Control
  • Module 10 Summary: Project Closure – the Final Phase
  • Module 11 Summary: Project Logistics, Development Projects
  • Module 12 Summary: Project Concepts, Outsourcing, Establishing a Project Business

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