The course is ideal for all personnel – of all levels up to and including managers and executives – who are involved in any way with logistics, materials management, supply, or customer service.  Whether you are already employed in this field, whether your aim is to gain promotion, or whether you are looking to enter this wide and important career area, this is a Program to increase the range of successful employment opportunities and successful careers which can be achieved.  Furthermore, it allows access to such a wide range of careers which can be general, or which allows specialization in one or more of the many topics covered by this Program.

The Program focuses on planning, organising and controlling Logistics, Materials & Supply Chain Management activities – key elements for successful management in any enterprise – and it covers strategic planning and decision-making as an important part of the management process.  The Program is ideal for managers and personnel of all levels who are involved in logistics activities or in ensuring that products and services are made available to customers (or clients or intended recipients) at the time and place, and in the condition and form desired, in an efficient, profitable and cost-effective way.  It also includes special and unique sections on Reverse Logistics, and on Humanitarian, Aid & Disaster Relief Logistics.


  • Module 1: Background to logistics and supply chains, value and value chains.
  • Module 2: Logistics, supply chain and customer service strategy.
  • Module 3: The marketing and logistics relationship and interface.
  • Module 4: Products and logistics factors.
  • Module 5: Sourcing and procurement, suppliers and purchasing.
  • Module 6: Receipts, inbound logistics, warehousing.
  • Module 7: Stock/inventory control, and order processing.
  • Module 8: Transportation methods, transport management.
  • Module 9: Operations management and production in supply chains.
  • Module 10: Lean logistics and supply chain management, and agile supply chains
  • Module 11: Distribution and distribution centres, and reverse logistics.
  • Module 12: Logistics and project management; humanitarian and disaster/emergency management.

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