STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                

The Program will be valuable to men and women in – or looking for – a role or career in a wide range of different areas, private or public, governmental or trade and industry, national and international.  International relations is closely linked to development and social and societal issues, so these are careers areas which will benefit as well from this Program.


  • Principles of IR theory; states, international systems, IGOs, NGOs, MNCs; levels of IR, global geography.
  • Realism, idealism, anarchy, sovereignty; balance of power, great & middle powers, hegemony, alliances.
  • Foreign policy, rational behaviour, models of decision making, arms control, psychology in foreign policy.
  • Liberal institutionalism; integration theory, international regimes, United Nations, the European Union.
  • Domestic factors; democracy, peace, bureaucracy, interest groups, the military, industry, public opinion.
  • Constructivism and identity, international expectations, law & human rights, war crimes, the world order.
  • IR theories: Marxism, Imperialism, Colonialism, dependency; revolution, post-modernism, peace studies.
  • Gender theories: importance, types of feminism, gender in war and peace, women in IR, influences.
  • Conflict: nationalism, ethnic, religious, economic; territorial; causes of war, terrorism, proliferation.
  • Trade theories: mercantilism, liberalism, balance of trade, comparative advantage, protectionism, WTO.
  • Globalization: currency, exchange, banks, debt; multinational business; environment, population, disease.
  • Development theories: human needs, economic development, capital, trade, technology, foreign aid.

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