STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                               

This Program is mainly designed for those looking to enter, or who are already involved in, the insurance field, and to provide them with knowledge and understanding in order to become effective insurance personnel and insurance sectional, departmental or business managers.  However, any manager, executive or business person also needs an understanding of the principles, benefits and operations of insurance, so having such knowledge will boost career prospects and ensure greater respect.


  • The nature and purpose of insurance, the types and natures of risks.
  • Insurance and methods of reducing the potential damaging effects of risks.
  • Insurance and the law; insurance contracts and their components, the benefits of insurance.
  • The various types and classes of insurance available, and their features.
  • The concepts, meaning and roles of insurable interest, utmost good faith and material facts.
  • Voidable contracts – what they are and how they arise.
  • Indemnity and insurance objectives: the purpose of indemnity, form and value of indemnity.
  • The meaning and relevance of subrogation, contribution, proximate cause, physical and moral hazard.
  • Matters concerning actual or potential fraud, the role of warranties.
  • Regulation of insurance businesses.
  • Insurance proposal forms, their layout, cover notes, insurance certificates, policy documents.
  • Premium rating, renewals, claims procedures, total and partial losses, average.
  • Transportation insurance: marine; hull, cargo, voyage; aviation, transit, motor.
  • Liability, cover offered in different personal and commercial policies; comprehensive and personal.
  • No-claims bonus, excess in policies.
  • Personal and commercial property, the scope of cover; accident, pecuniary and liability insurances.
  • Personal insurance: accident, sickness, health, medical and life insurances, groups.
  • Pensions and annuities.
  • The insurance market: buyers and sellers, types of insurers, intermediaries, Lloyd’s, reinsurers.
  • Organisation and operation of insurance companies, branches, directors, reserves, funds, specialists.

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