Human Resource (HR) and personnel management covers a wide and varied range of activities, affecting all aspects of an organisation and of course all of its personnel; men and women who are trained and knowledgeable in these matters will always be in demand and find employment and good positions in organisations.  Additionally, anybody looking for promotion, or who has responsibility for work colleagues, or who is a manager of any kind, needs to have effective knowledge of how to handle personnel proficiently – and this Program provides that too.

This Program introduces, describes and explains the roles, activities and responsibilities of the human resource and personnel management function, its staff, officers and managers.  It deals with the many different areas which come under the remit of HR/personnel management, and provides training on the important duties that HR/personnel management managers and staff must perform (including in industrial relations).  The importance of modern, effective, trained HR/personnel managers, employees and departments has never been more important because they have the potential to positively affect the operations of an enterprise, avoid poor performance or low output by the workforce, reduce industrial action, and create a work environment which benefits both employees and the organization for which they work.


  • Module 1 – HR/Personnel Policy, Strategy and Management
  • Module 2 – Functions of Management, Organization and Structure
  • Module 3 – Communication in Organizations
  • Module 4 – Manpower Planning, Job Analysis and Job Descriptions, Work Groups
  • Module 5 – Recruitment and Selection of Personnel
  • Module 6 – Induction, Training and Employee Development
  • Module 7 – Health and Safety, Security and Welfare
  • Module 8 – Motivation, Employee Counselling, Resignations and Retirement
  • Module 9 – Industrial Relations (1)
  • Module 10 – Industrial Relations (2)
  • Module 11 – Remuneration and Benefits
  • Module 12 – Personnel Records and Statistics

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