STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                

This Program is ideal for men and women of all ages and experience who are already employed in hotel, hospitality or related jobs, and who are aiming to gain promotions or new jobs within the hotel industry. It will also assist men and women who are looking to enter this important career area. By covering a wide range of operational and managerial aspects of hotels it also provides important knowledge and understanding for advancement to managerial roles. The course also allows focus on a range of career opportunities both within and outside of hotels, as it covers communications, human resource, financial aspects and other areas; so becoming a specialist in a particular area of hotel management is also possible too. All countries, regions, towns, cities have hotels and hospitality businesses in place, so there are always career opportunities for trained individuals in this industry.


  • Module 1 – Functions and Types of Hotels
  • Module 2 – Hotel Products and Markets
  • Module 3 – Hotel Organisation, Management and Staff
  • Module 4 – The Hotel Reception: the Front Office
  • Module 5 – The Hotel Reception: other Responsibilities
  • Module 6 – Hotel Bedrooms and Bathrooms
  • Module 7 – Hotel Housekeeping
  • Module 8 – Hotel Catering 1
  • Module 9 – Hotel Catering 2
  • Module 10 – Hotel Catering 3
  • Module 11 – Beverages
  • Module 12 – Hotel Businesses

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