STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                This course will help you become a well-trained and competent bookkeeping and accounting practitioner, with the skill and ability to understand, operate and run books of account – the bookkeeping and accounts system of a small business, or section or department of a larger organisation – which will ensure you are a person who is always in demand.  This Program is ideal for those who have a knowledge of bookkeeping or some practical experience, for those already employed in accounting or auditing departments, offices and firms, and those who are ambitious for promotion to better paid accounts posts.  The Program is also of great value to business people, accounts and administrative staff who need to maintain accurate books of account, and to prepare informative and complete accounting statements, manually or by computer.

Bookkeeping and accounting is an excellent foundation for anybody getting on to the employment ladder; it opens the door to many job opportunities in a huge variety of enterprises, and provides knowledge which is essential for anybody wishing to become a manager, executive or business-owner.  Every successful organisation has at least one person with bookkeeping and accounting knowledge and ability, and larger organisations often employ many hundreds of accounts personnel; whatever the size of the organisation, good bookkeepers are valued and well paid.


  • Module 1 – The Ledger: the Main Book of Account
  • Module 2 – Accounting for Cash
  • Module 3 – Original Entries and Subsidiary Books
  • Module 4 – From Opening Entries to Trial Balance
  • Module 5 – Preparing for the Final Accounts
  • Module 6 – Manufacturing and Trading Accounts
  • Module 7 – Profit & Loss Accounts
  • Module 8 – Balance Sheets
  • Module 9 – Accounting for Goodwill and Discounts
  • Module 10 – Accounting for Credit
  • Module 11 – Basic Cost Accounting; Departmental and Branch Accounts
  • Module 12 – Computers in Bookkeeping and Accounting

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