STUDY AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT                                                                                                                The course is ideal for bookkeepers, accountants, financial officers and business people who are already employed in accounting and finance jobs, and also for men and women looking to enter this important career area.  It is also a course for men and women wishing to gain promotion, to become accounting managers, or simply looking to increase managerial ability and skills in accounting and finance.

All managers, administrators, entrepreneurs, business people and executives benefit greatly from a good understanding of the accounting and finance function; it is a “must have” qualification for people looking to advance in this field, or to middle and higher level business or management posts.   The range of career opportunities for skilled and qualified financial and accounts personnel is huge, whether in general accounting and finance fields or in more specialist areas.


  • Module 1 – The Need for Complete and Accurate Accounting Information
  • Module 2 – Capital and Business Finance
  • Module 3 – Principles of Bookkeeping and Books of Account
  • Module 4 – Final Accounts (1)
  • Module 5 – Final Accounts (2)
  • Module 6 – Principles of Costing
  • Module 7 – Planning and Forecasting, Budgets and Budgeting
  • Module 8 – Stock and Inventory Control
  • Module 9 – Credit, Credit Control, Discounts
  • Module 10 – Partnership Accounts, Departmental and Branch Accounts, Hire Purchase
  • Module 11 – Interpretation of Final Accounts, Pricing Policy, Auditors and Auditing
  • 12 – Computerized Accounting Systems and ‘Packages’

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