1. Is the College Registered?

Yes, the college has been duly registered by the Registrar General’s Department, Ghana and has certificates of registration and to commence business.

2. Is the College accredited?

Yes. The College has collaborations with Professional Bodies and international Institutions like Cambridge International College, UK among others.

3. Who are your lecturers?

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4. What are your payment plans?

HPC has flexible payments terms. We have monthly installments, 50:50 and 60:40 payment schedule.

5. How do I pay for the forms and fee

You may use Mobile Money or Bank Transfer or Bank deposits

6. Do you have hostels?

Yes. There are private hostel accommodations around the campus.

7. Where is the College located?

The College has two campuses: Tema and Takoradi. Tema: Angels Specialist School, Tema Community 12. Takoradi: Airforce Basic Schoo

8. How many intakes does the College have?

3 intakes – January, June and September

9. Does the College offer scholarships to students?

Yes, to needy students.

Do you guide and counsel prospective students for the best choice of programme?

Yes and it is free.